Lynn's fascination with creating art began at an early age.  It all started with a mud puddle...forming dishes and sculptures from dirt, baking them in the sun and sharing her treasures with friends and family.  What a wonderful place to start.  From this humble beginning, Lynn's passion for art and learning blossomed into an obsession to learn as many artistic mediums as she could.

Lynn pursued her education in the arts formally taking classes in multiple art mediums including photography, jewelry design, painting, drawing, book making, collage, mosaic, clay and found objects.  She has studied under internationally renowned jewelry artists with a passion for sharing their extensive knowledge.  Her 25+ years studying art is an ongoing process because Lynn believes you can never stop learning and you will never know everthing there is to know!  The creative process is unlimited!

Lynn won her first art awards in 1977 taking 1st and 3rd place in a centennial holiday painting competition.  Since then the list keeps getting longer and she has enjoyed a great deal of success doing what she loves.

Traveling the world to study, Lynn has learned from every artist she trained with and many of the students who were in class with her.   Each art medium has played a major role in influencing her creative passion producing limited edition contemporary jewelry designs.

Every stone is hand selected by the artist and is of the finest quality materials crafted by artisans who are passionate about their own work.  Only Fair Trade Gems are used.  Unless otherwise noted in the description each piece is unique; hand fabricated and designed to evoke the imagination.

Artist Bio